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Lab Tests are tests used to check whether a person is in a normal state of health. For example, a laboratory may test a sample of blood, urine, or body tissue to see if anything is wrong. A diagnostic test, such as a blood pressure test, can tell if you have low or high blood pressure. Laboratory tests are medical devices designed to be used on blood, urine, or other tissues or substances taken from the body to help diagnose disease. or other conditions. Once our doctor has taken a sample from your body, it will be sent to the laboratory. Laboratories perform tests on a sample to determine if it contains different substances and in what quantities. Depending on the test, the presence, absence, or amount of the analyte may mean that you have a particular condition or that you do not have a particular condition. Labs sometimes compare your results with previous test results to see if your condition has changed. Some laboratory tests show that your results are within the normal range. Normal test values ​​are usually given as a range rather than a specific number because normal values ​​vary from person to person. What is normal for one person may not be for another. Other types indicate whether a particular substance is present, such as an infectious gene or mutation in the body, whether you have a disease, infection, or respond to treatment. Some laboratory tests are accurate and reliable indicators of specific health problems, while others provide physicians with more general information suggesting potential health problems. Information from laboratory tests can help physicians decide if additional tests or procedures are needed to establish a diagnosis or develop or revise a previous treatment plan. All laboratory test results should be interpreted in the context of general health status and used in conjunction with other studies or tests.

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