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We aim to create a safe environment by emphasizing precautions, safety, and welfare of our patients. We do that by striving to lower medical errors, reduce readmission rates, and educate our patients on how to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the most popular services Global Pathology Centre offers is diagnostic testing. People need to book pathological tests for many reasons. But before booking, they wonder if the diagnostic centre can be trusted to produce accurate results and how long they might have to wait in a queue to get tested. To bypass these hassles, the Global Pathology Centre has set up an extensive network of reputed pathological laboratories in India. One such lab is Thyrocare. With Thyrocare on board, we can give you access to a wide network of diagnostic laboratories. We also offer a home collection of samples as well. Bid adieu to anxious days of wondering where to book diagnostic tests and embrace the Global Pathology Centre way.

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