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An electrocardiogram, or ECG, is a quick, non-invasive examination that captures the heart's electrical activity. Certain cardiac disorders, such as irregular cardiac rhythms and coronary heart disease (heart attack and angina), can be diagnosed with the use of an ECG. If you have symptoms like palpitations—a racing, fluttering, thumping, or pounding feeling in your chest—or dyspnea, dizziness, fainting, a doctor could advise an ECG. Additionally, an ECG can be used to track the effectiveness of heart disease therapies, such as medication or implanted cardiac devices. By monitoring the electrical activity of the heart, an electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that can assist in the diagnosis of specific cardiac disorders. Your arms, legs, and chest will be covered in wire leads and tiny, sticky electrodes. The leads fasten to the electrocardiograph, or ECG machine, which captures and records the electrical activity of the heart muscle and shows it as a tracing on paper or a screen. The electrical activity of the heart can be altered by any anomaly in the heart's pace or rhythm or by injury to the heart muscle. A physician will review the trace and search for characteristics that are distinctive to various heart diseases.

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