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Global Pathology Centre provides the best ECG test. You must be careful because cardiovascular disorders are the biggest cause of death in the globe. One approach to do this is to get regular tests to monitor your heart's health. One of these is an ECG test, which is performed using standard equipment in clinics or hospitals by licenced medical staff. The electrocardiogram, usually referred to as the EKG or ECG test, records the electrical activity of your heart. It is a test that evaluates your heart's condition and looks for indications of cardiac issues. It is risk-free and painless. For this heart disease test, sensors are attached to the skin of your arms, legs, and chest. Every time your heart beats, these electrodes detect electrical signals, which enables your doctor to spot any unusual activity. Your doctor might advise an echocardiogram in addition to an ECG test. It is a different type of heart health check from an electrocardiogram in that the heart is scanned. It is advised when a doctor has a suspicion of heart disease because it reveals the anatomy and physiology of the heart.


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